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Richard Lofton PhD, Director, Nobody Asked Me Campaign; Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Education
John Krownapple, Author; Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Education; Educational Consultant, Dignity Consulting LLC


Collaborations to Identify Promising Local Career Pathways

Charter school leaders from very different communities share how they work with local partners to develop pathways preparing students for in-demand careers in their local setting.

Presenters: Rich Harrison, Lighthouse Community Schools, Oakland, CA; Robert Baade, Linda Ortega, and Zia Martinez, Robert F. Kennedy High School, Albuquerque, NM

Robert F. Kennedy Farm to School Program (PDF)


Community Collaborations for Student Support
Two non-profits share strategies for engaging entire communities in supporting students so they can achieve adult success.

Presenters: Ashley Seiler and Tashanna Stanciel, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri; Doug Elmer, Prep KC, Kansas City, MO.

ABC Today Schools: A Community Collective Impact Model (PDF)

Preparing Students Across the Heart of Kansas City for College and Career Success (PDF)

Community & College Collaboration for Successful Postsecondary Completion

Helping higher ed institutions work with each other and with K12 and community partners to help students persevere and attain postsecondary credentials.

Presenters: Rosie Ayala, Graduate Tacoma (WA); Jennifer Robin, National Louis University, Chicago.

Innovation in Collaboration: Helping Communities and Colleges Collaborate to Improve Students’ Pathway to & through Postsecondary Education (PDF)


Rethinking the High School to College Transition

Innovative approaches to enhancing opportunities for students to get a head start on college during their final years in high school.

Presenters: Erica Cuevas and Meredith Hills, “The Big Blur,” Jobs for the Future; Asheley Siewnarine and Shaquille Dunbar, The Educational Equity Lab.

The BIG BLUR: Erasing the Boundaries Between High School, College, and Careers — and Creating One New System that Works for Everyone (PDF)

The National Education Equity Lab (PDF)


The GRAD Partnership

Introducing a new collaborative of nine organizations committed to the vision of scaling high-quality student success (on-track) systems to enable all students to graduate from high school ready for college and career.

Presenters: Bob Balfanz and Patricia Balana, Johns Hopkins University

The GRAD Partnership (PDF)

Reimagining High School Credits & Graduation Requirements

Policies and practices in two states to help students attain credits and fulfill graduation requirements based on learning rather seat time.

Presenters: Graham Wood and Cassie Palsgrove, Ohio State Department of Education; Kerrie Alley-Violette and Sean Peschel, New Hampshire “Learn Everywhere” Program

Reimagining High School Credits and Graduation Requirements (PDF)

Extended Learning Opportunities: Learning Everywhere in New Hampshire (PDF)


Helping Students Develop Social Capital to Enhance Adult Success

Promoting developmental relationships with adults that help students develop social capital to open doors to adult success.

Presenters: Dave Calhoun and Juli Coleman, CORE Districts, CA

Helping Students Develop Social Capital to Enhance Adult Success (PDF)


Developing Systems to Improve Advising for Postsecondary Success

Developing systems to mitigate the counselor shortage and scale quality advising for postsecondary planning to all students, especially in large urban districts.

Presenters: Susanne Diggs-Wilborn, Achieve Atlanta; Jeremy Greenfield and Jessica Sasko, New Visions for Public Schools (NYC).

Developing Systems to Improve Advising for Postsecondary Success (PDF)


From College Decision to Postsecondary Commitment: A Systems Approach to Supporting Postsecondary Commitments Across 27 Schools (PDF)

Using Technology to Improve Student Advising

Building robust data systems to support more effective student advising in middle to high school planning and improve institutional match in postsecondary decisions.

Presenters: Frances Dumas-Hines and Jacqueline Barnette, Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation (IN); Keith White and Dave Morton, PEF Chattanooga (TN).

Utilizing Data Technology in Secondary Student Advisement: Expanding Opportunities by Diversifying Participation (PDF)

DegreeU: Match, Fit, Finish (PDF)



Philadelphia Education Fund, PA

“College Access Toolkit: Building a Structured, Proactive Plan for High School Students” (PDF)

PEF is creating a time-sensitive, structured toolkit (PDF) to help high school students in its College Access Program make informed decisions about their college application and matriculation process.

Presenter: Bryan DeFoney, Director, TRIO – College Access Program, PEF.

Uplift Education, Dallas, TX

“Comprehensive Early Warning Indicator Tracking System” (PDF)

This charter network is seeking to develop an integrated internal tracking system of student indicators, responses, and outcomes to support student success and persistence and monitor intervention effectiveness in its middle and high schools.

Presenters: Daniel Gray, Senior Director, Road to College and Career, and Abby Kaiser, Director of College Readiness, Uplift Education.

Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation, IN

“Exposure and Opportunity for Advanced Coursework in Middle School” (PDF)

EVSC is developing strategies to identify, coach, and support underrepresented middle grades students to take advanced coursework that will enable them to have access to challenging IB and AP high school classes and advanced standing in college.

Presenters: Frances Dumas-Hines, Director of Performance Management, and Jacqueline Barnette, ESL and District Data Director, EVSC.

Overton High School, Memphis, TN

“Reducing Chronic Absenteeism Rate for Hispanic/ELL Student Groups” (PDF)

Along with Kingsbury Middle School, Overton HS is seeking to engage its many Hispanic and ELL students and their families to identify and address root causes of chronic absenteeism for this sub-group.

Presenters: Ryan Littman and Brad Scharff, ELL teachers, Overton HS.

Lighthouse Community Charter Schools, East Oakland, CA

“Addressing College Persistence and Income Inequity: Developing Innovators and Entrepreneurs in East Oakland”

The Lighthouse network’s high schools are working with local community colleges to offer students dual-credit Business Administration and Entrepreneurship pathways with work-based learning opportunities leading to marketable, credentialed skills.

Presenter: Rich Harrison, CEO, Lighthouse Community Schools.


(on display during the evening reception)

Arizona State University

Access ASU (Arizona State University)

“Virtual College Application and FAFSA Support” (PDF)

FAFSA Drive In Postcard (JPG)

Access ASU collaborated with local high schools, community partners, and volunteers to organize a dozen or more drive-through events to help students and their families, especially first-generation college-goers, complete and submit the FAFSA application online during COVID.

Presenter: Erin Chastain, ASU Director of School Partnerships

Puget Sound Educational Service District

“Student Voice Data System”

PSESD: Short video on student voice and middle school staff reflecting on the process (video)

The PSESD worked to develop ways to capture student voice around attendance and engagement challenges in the context of the pandemic.

Presenters: Sarah Frazelle, PSESD EWIS and MTSS Director, and Eric Meredith, University of Montana data analyst.

National Louis University

“Innovative career preparation model to drive equity in student employment outcomes” (doc)

NLU developed new career preparation modules and offered stipends to enable students to participate in high-quality internships, in both virtual and in-person modalities.

Presenter: Dr. Natasha Kohl, NLU Director of Career Development and Special Projects

Philadelphia Education Fund

“PAS Informed Postsecondary Toolkit” (PDF)

PEF created a toolkit to help recruiters for local colleges and postsecondary training to motivate ninth-grade students to focus on excellence in attendance, behavior, and coursework throughout their high school journey.

Presenters: Rick Moses, Director, and Kelly Staskel, Program Manager, Philadelphia Postsecondary Success Program.

Peer Power Foundation, Memphis, TN

“Peer Power Afterschool Virtual Learning Lab” (PDF)

Peer Power developed innovative strategies to engage Memphis students in its program of college preparation within a virtual learning space.

Presenters: Dr. Marygrace Hemme, Director of Academic Initiative and Training, and Dr. Sara Benson, Program Director and Learning Lead, Peer Power Foundation.

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