The Vision of Pathways to Adult Success is for schools, their systems and communities to enable all youth, regardless of their needs, circumstances, place of residence, and prior experiences, to obtain the competencies needed to persist and complete secondary schooling and a postsecondary pathway that leads to a family-supporting wage and adult success.


PAS is a system to help schools and communities provide the support middle and high school students need to graduate and then succeed in postsecondary learning of some type toward a bachelor’s or associate degree, industry certification, or other meaningful career training.

Early Warning Systems 2.0 (EWS 2.0) is the heart of the PAS system, allowing schools to monitor students’ paths using specific indicators of progress, to gather and analyze data, and to make decisions to provide more support for students to graduate from school prepared for adult success.

Critical to achieving adult success, a student must make informed choices about postsecondary schooling and training. This requires providing equitable guidance, experiences and navigation supports to all students.

Important solutions must be pursued through partnerships that reach outward from the school — into the community, postsecondary institutions, businesses and nonprofit organizations, all working with local students and their families.


The PAS Framework provides guidance on critical components needed to provide young people with equitable opportunities and support to achieve adult success: data to evaluate current outcomes and monitor new initiatives; an indicator system to identify concerns and trends for subgroups and individuals; navigation supports to help students determine and pursue postsecondary options and opportunities; and collaborations between K-12 schools, higher education, nonprofits, and business partners.

Check out the PAS Tools and Resources for introductory practical how-tos, resource links, and examples on everything from how to begin, to providing viable postsecondary pathways for all and developing cross-sector collaborations to support young people. This section also includes timely resources for addressing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on students and schools, and a map identifying resources to meet your needs, depending on the role you play in supporting young people on the pathway to adult success.

The PAS in Action section includes snapshots of the important pioneering initiatives of Pathways to Adult Success partners in communities, schools, and organizations around the country as they seek to empower young people to achieve adult success in multiple ways and diverse contexts.

A video narrated by Robert Balfanz
highlighting the work of the
Pathways to Adult Success initiative.