Supporting Seniors



Immediate Next Steps for Helping High School Seniors Transition to a 2- or 4-year College or Certificate Program

Eight pages of timely guidance from the National College Attainment Network offer rationales, key steps, and best resources for schools to use right now to reliably improve students’ success after high school.

Tacoma Completes/ Degrees of Change and Philadelphia Ed Fund Presentations

The Sept. 16, 2020, PAS COVID-19 and Social Justice Solution Forum features Tacoma Completes’ 2020 Senior Check-in and Follow-up program, as well as the Philadelphia Ed Fund’s partnership with two other non-profits to offer a college access “one-stop shop.”

Partnering for Student Success: Denver Public Schools

In partnership with the Denver Scholarship Foundation and local colleges, DPS found ways to keep seniors on the path to college despite the challenges of the early days of the pandemic.

Cafe College

Cafe College is a multi-faceted college and career access program of the San Antonio Education Partnership. Visit their website to learn more about their comprehensive services, resources, and supports for students in the San Antonio community.

Helping Students Earn Credentials to Fill Critical Jobs: Bouncing Back from COVID-19 Using Workforce and Education Dollars

In this September 2020 Southern Regional Education Board webinar, panelists explore strategies for strengthening dual enrollment and helping new graduates maintain their educational momentum, even when families struggle to afford tuition

Achieve Atlanta Match & Fit List Builder

An online, student-facing resource to help Atlanta young people identify Target, Reach, and Likely schools in the region that match their interests and career aspirations. This innovative technology shows what invested local or state partners can do to help make student success a reality.

Admissions and COVID-19: What School Counselors Need to Know

The NHHEAF Network’s Center for College Planning presents this September 2020 webinar, specifically designed for school counselors. Panelists explore what has changed – and what hasn’t – in the college admissions process amidst the challenges of COVID-19.

Inland Empire Student Transition to College

The student college access resource website of the Inland Empire, a non-profit regional intermediary organization promoting wholistic, equitable economic and educational development in California’s Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

High School Class of 2020 Shows Catastrophic Enrollment Declines

According to the National College Attainment Network’s report¬†postsecondary enrollment overall declined 21.7%, while students from high poverty schools saw a 32.6% decline compared to the previous year (2019).

COVID-19 Solutions Forums

These forums provide insight into some of the innovative solutions that PAS Learning Community members are developing to enable students to overcome various barriers to school success in these challenging times.

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