2022-23 Design Challenge

Middle and high schools, higher education, and non-profits continue to creatively seek solutions to help students prepare for the future, even as our nation faces new uncertainties. Collaboration continues to play a critical role in supporting young people’s progress and well-being, especially for those facing the greatest challenges as they pursue postsecondary and career education that will equip them for fulfilling, productive adult lives.

Building on the success of its past Design and Collaboration Challenges, the Everyone Graduates Center and Pathways to Adult Success once again invite PAS learning community members to seek solutions to shared problems of practice by


identifying an unmet challenge

In critical areas illuminated by the PAS framework (early warning systems for post-secondary success, post-secondary navigation guidance for all, cross-sector collaboration, and shared data)


proposing and testing solutions


sharing their process and findings

with others at a national PAS learning conference during the 2022-2023 school year

The EGC is pleased to offer several modest stipends to support select proposed design challenge projects. These competitive stipends will again be offered to PAS learning community members for the 2022-23 school year (3-4 total awards, $5000 per recipient organization.)

Recipients may include, but are not limited to:


school districts


state departments of education


nonprofit and for-profit organizations


public and private institutions of higher education

such as colleges and universities

Awardees will record their activities at monthly intervals and will be periodically interviewed and visited (when possible) by PAS staff to better understand their problem-solving strategies and offer support and thought partnership.

Awardees will convene mid-year and again prior to the 2022-23 national conference to share ideas and lessons learned regarding hurdles and opportunities. They will also share their learning through other PAS learning opportunities as appropriate.

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