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Since its inception, PAS has held Solution Forums and Annual Conferences with partners, educators, and influencers. Each event featured break-outs with one of our partners. Those recorded sessions are below. Many videos also contain materials for download.

Equitable Opportunities for Advanced Coursework in Middle Grades

2023 National Conference

Equitable Opportunities for Advanced Coursework in Middle Grades

~ Frances Dumas-Hines and Andrea Kneubuhler, Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation, IN
~ Presentation PDF

Access and Equity for Rural Students

~ Celesta Riffe and Mike Hogg, Berea Partners for Rural Impact, KY
~ Partners for Rural Impact Handout PDF

Access and Equity for Students with Disabilities

2023 National Conference

Access and Equity for Students with Disabilities

~ Amy Szymanski, State Support Team Region #1, Ohio DOE
~ Presentation PDF

Rethinking the High School to College Transition

2022 National Conference

Innovative approaches to enhancing opportunities for students to get a head start on college during their final years in high school.

Presenters: Erica Cuevas and Meredith Hills, “The Big Blur,” Jobs for the Future; Asheley Siewnarine and Shaquille Dunbar, The Educational Equity Lab.

The BIG BLUR: Erasing the Boundaries Between High School, College, and Careers — and Creating One New System that Works for Everyone (PDF)

The National Education Equity Lab (PDF)

Building Student Agency to Boosts Success in School & Life

2021 Solutions Forum

This Solutions Forum featured PAS Learning Community members—including two 2020-21 PAS Design Challenge awardees—who are developing systems that empower underserved young people to set and reach personal goals leading to long-term achievement and success, despite the hurdles they face in school and society.

~ Dr. Michelle Caldwell, Director of Student Success, College Advancement Mentor (CAM) Network, Kristin Labs, Gateway Scholars Program Manager, and Dr. Keith White, Director of Research and Effectiveness, Public Education Foundation (PEF) Chattanooga: College Advancement Mentors (CAMs): Next-Level Support for Increasing Students’ Postsecondary Persistence and Completion

and 2020-21 PAS Design Challenge awardees:

~ Abiodun Durojaye, Executive Director of the Career Bridge, National Louis University, Chicago: Innovative Career Preparation Model to Drive Equity in Student Employment Outcomes

~ Sarah Frazelle, Director of Early Warning Indicator Systems and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Puget Sound ESD, and Eric Meredith, Data Analyst, Montana University System: Student Voice Data System

Designing Education

A podcast hosted by Robert Balfanz, director of the Everyone Graduates Center.

Conversations with leaders in education from around the country on bold new ideas and research-based strategies for redesigning American education to more effectively engage all students and equip them for the challenges of today’s workplace and world.


Promoting Student Agency

Karen Boyes starts with the big picture of education and the changes coming. She then explores the underlying philosophies of the Modern Learning Environment and practical ways to develop student agency.

Are We Preparing Students to be Chefs or Cooks?

In this video, we take a look at the difference between “chef-like behaviors” vs “cook-like behaviors” and ask the big question: What is the purpose of schooling?

A Future for the World’s Children Documentary

In this film, we present the key findings of the seminal WHO-UNICEF-Lancet report “A future for the world’s children?” to help governments, communities and industry make real change for the world’s children.

Molly Wright: How every child can thrive by five

Breaking down the research-backed ways parents and caregivers can support children’s healthy brain development, seven-year-old Molly Wright highlights the benefits of play on lifelong learning, behavior and well-being, sharing effective strategies to help all kids thrive by the age of five.

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